11th JANUARY UPDATE - During level 5 restrictions our nursery is CLOSED to visitors.
Our website will OPEN UP TO NEW ORDERS on Sundays at 7pm and it will stay open for a few hours until we reach our weekly limit, please allow up to 21 days for delivery.
Outside of this, the website will be TEMPORARILY CLOSED and everything will appear to be OUT OF STOCK or SEASON.

Our Values

Our values drive everything we do and we pride ourselves on working to weave each of them into every aspect of our evolving business.


 Here is what we stand for:

Being Human. This means that we are available, approachable and accountable. You can expect to be treated as a human and not a number. We enjoy friendly interactions, a bit of banter and the joy of genuine customer service.

Sustainability.  We aim to do business with the least negative impact on the environment. We’re always working to improve our systems and services with this in mind. You can read more about our ethos and sustainability in our business here.

Integrity & honesty. We do our very best to practice what we preach. Integrity means that we only send out the best quality plants and products. When we offer advice on what to plant it is important to us that each one will continue to thrive.

Work ethic. Our team works hard to be the best at what we do. We are constantly learning and seeking better ways to serve the needs of our customers, community and our environment. We are eager to share this learning and develop improved ways of doing business.

Community. Being part of the community is important to us. From our neighbours or the wider gardening community in Ireland, we aspire to play a responsible part in building healthier, more resilient and stronger communities.