Mixed Hedging Catalogue

Mixed Hedging - Bareroot & 9cm Pots 

www.futureforests.ie - Last Updated 27th Jan 2018

Mixed hedges provide year round interest as well as encouraging wildlife. 
The following have proved very popular but we are happy to create mixes for individual requirements.
The Neat Natural Hedge:     25 plants for € 40,  50 plants for € 70,   100 plants for € 120.         averge plant height 1-2ft
Larger Plants                   25 plants for € 55,    50 plants for € 90,    100 plants for € 150         average plant height 2-3ft
A selection of native & naturalised hedgerow plants to blend well with surrounding countryside.   Hawthorn forms the 'backbone' of this hedge and the mix is generally 60% Hawthorn and 40% other varieties
Field Maple,   Quickthorn,   Native Privet,  Hazel,  Wild Rose,  Hornbeam, Bird Cherry,  Viburnum   etc
The Natural Hedge and Trees:                   25 plants for € 45,  50 plants for € 85,   100 plants for € 140
Larger Plants                  25 plants for € 65,  50 plants for € 100,  100 plants for € 170
As  above  including a selection of the following trees Alder, Beech, Birch, Hornbeam, Oak, Rowan etc
(average 90% hedging plants + 10% trees)
The Wildlife Fruiting Hedge                               25 plants for € 45,  50 plants for € 85,   100 plants for € 140
Larger Plants                                25 plants for € 65.  50 plants for € 100,  100 plants for € 170
Native and naturalised hedgerow plants with berries or nuts for a taller hedge to encourage wildlife
Hazel   Guelder Rose   Bird Cherry   Blackthorn   Buckthorn  Spindle   Elder   Crabapple   Wild Pear   etc
Add an Evergreen element to your Mixed Hedge !      Holly is evergreen, hardy and wildlife friendly
We can add Holly as young plants in 9cm pots as follows: 10 Holly for €28  or 25 Holly for €65
The Seaside Hedge:                                    25 plants for € 65,  50 plants for € 110,  100 plants for € 200
An informal mix of deciduous and evergreen plants for coastal areas
Shrubby Cotoneasters   Crataegus prunifolia   Elaeagnus  Fuchsias   Gricellinia  Hydrangea   Holly   
Oleaaria, Sea Buckthorn   Rosa rugosa    Japanese Privet and other sea hardy plants
The 4 Seasons Hedge:                              25 plants for € 70,  50 plants for € 130,  100 plants for € 250
Flowers, berries and autumn colour. An informal hedge with year round interest reaching 6 to 10ft
Amelanchier,  Forsythia   Cherry Plum   Purple Plum   Mixed Dogwoods   Cotoneasters   Fuchsias 
Budleja, Hypericum, Kerria,  Spindle  Flowering Currant  Symphoricarpus etc
The Permaculture Hedge:                             25 plants for € 70,  50 plants for € 130,  100 plants for € 250
A deluxe hedge with edible fruits for preserves, wines or just enjoying
Amelanchier, Aronia, Blackthorn, Bullace, Elder, Hazel, Cornellian Cherry,  Crabapple, 
Berberis vulgaris, Scarlet Hawthorn, Quince (Chaenomeles), Cherry Plum, Rosa rugosa etc
A Mixed Flowering Hedge:                          25 plants for € 70,  50 plants for € 130,  100 plants for € 250
 Hardy flowering shrubs, some evergreen, for a colourful informal hedge. Plants can include the following:
Deutzia   Forsythia  Fuchsia   Ribes    Physocarpus  Spiraea  Weigela
Hydrangea   Hypericum  Philadelphus   Privet, Japanese, silver or gold variegated 
Please note that standard mixed hedges normally include a minimun of 5 to 8 different varieties.              Do let us know if there is anything you would prefer us to include or leave out.
Unusual Flowering Hedges ~ Single Species        25 plants for € 75,       50 plants for € 125
Many flowering shrubs make an attractive hedge in their own right, giving a blast of colour when in bloom.
They are ideal for shorter hedges or to divide your garden into different 'rooms'. We can offer the following:
Bridal Wreath                 Spiraea arguta                     Airy cascades of white flowers late spring to early summer
Flowering Currant        Ribes sanguineum              Upright growth, rosy pink flowers in early spring
Flowering Quince         Chaenomeles japonica     Waxy pink flowers in spring ,  good against a wall, thorny
Forsythia                          Forsythia spectabilis         Masses of yellow flowers brighten February, autumn tints
Hypericum                     Hypericum Hidcote              Dark evergreen foliage, large golden flowers in summer
Common flowering shrubs eg Rosa Rugosa, Fuchsia also make excellent hedges. See Bareroot Hedging.
             50 trees for € 150         SHELTER BELTS        100 trees for € 250
For maximum effect where space allows, we recommend planting 3 staggered rows allowing 2 to 3 metres between ros and between trees within the rows. We are always happy to discuss your options.
For a Costal Shelterbelt:               We suggest a possible selection of the following young trees
1st line of defence:        Pines, Alders, Eucalyptus, Sycamore, Silver Poplar
Middle row:      Some of the above plus Holm Oak, Sessile & Turkey Oak, Whitebeam, Wych Elm, Sweet Chestnut
Inner row, lower growing:  Holly, Seabuckthorn, Hawthorns, Spindle, Blackthorn, Fuchsia, Eleagnus etc
For a Shelterbelt Inland:               
Most of the above would be suitable except eucalyptus where frost could be a problem. Also:
Most Spruces, Hornbeam, Beech, Norway Maple, Poplars &Willow
and lower growing:                          Mountain Ash (Rowan), Amelanchier, Field Maple
You don’t have to be a farmer to avail of these quantity discounts! They are open to everyone.
Hawthorn / Quickthorn / Whitethorn      (Crataegus monogyna)  
A dense thorny hedge, stock proof and ideal for field boundaries. Clips well providing good habitat for wild life
100 plants for 55 euro                    500 plants for 250 euro                         1,000 plants for 480 euro
Mixed Natural Hedging: 
Attractive, practical and good for wildlife,. This hedge is 80% native hawthorn+20% other hedging plants.
500 plants for 150 metres:   400 euro             1,000 plants for 300 metres:   700 euro
Holly (Ilex aquifolium)  can be added to your hedging mix. A wildlife friendly, native evergreen.
10 plants for 28 euro                        25 plants for 65 euro
 Mixed Broadleaf Trees:          Perfect for copses, small woods and planting along your hedgerows
We offer bundles of common Broadleaf Trees like Alder, Aspen, Beech, Birch. Hornbeam, Oak, Rowan
A mix of 3ft whips                                    20 trees for 60 euro                          50 trees for 125 euro
 A mix of stronger trees 4-5ft                 20 trees for 90 euro                         50 trees for 200 euro
Please advise if your site is especially wet, exposed or by the coast so we can select suitable trees.