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Ordering Bareroot Plants


What is a Bareroot?

Bareroot plants are simply field grown plants which are lifted, transported and transplanted during the dormant season, November to early April. 

Most of our Common & Native trees are supplied as Bareroot as well as the majority of Fruit Trees and Bushes, Roses and a lot of our Hedging but we do supply a good range of potted plants for year round planting.

For information on bareroot plants click HERE

When can I plant Bareroot plants?

You can plant Bareroot plants during the dormant season - November to March. Avoid planting into waterlogged or frozen ground.

Can I order Bareroot Plants outside of these Months?

Bareroot plants can be ordered online from September & they will be shipped when they are ready to move in November.

Please note: Orders placed in September & October that include bareroot plants will be shipped together in one delivery in November.

In this case, we will email you with an estimated shipping date when we receive your order.

Why can't I see the prices for Bareroot plants when they are out of stock?

Our prices are usually pretty much the same each year but they can change a little, for a guideline, please refer to the Catalogue pages for last seasons pricing.