Ordering Bareroot Plants

Update 5th Feb 2019

We will continue to ship bare root plants until early the end of March and into early April 2019

What is a Bareroot?

Bareroot plants are simply field grown plants which are lifted, transported and transplanted during the dormant season, November to early April. 

Most of our Common & Native trees are supplied as Bareroot as well as the majority of Fruit Trees and Bushes, Roses and a lot of our Hedging but we do supply a good range of potted plants for year round planting.

For information on bareroot plants click HERE

When can I plant Bareroot plants?

You can plant Bareroot plants during the dormant season - November to March. Avoid planting into waterlogged or frozen ground.

Can I order Bareroot Plants outside of these Months?

Bareroot plants can be ordered online from early October & they will be shipped when they are ready to move in November through till early April.