Seaside Hedge Mix

Seaside Hedge Mix

There are a lot of single variety hedges that are suitable for coastal areas, however, if you want something with a bit more seasonal interest and variety, this informal mix of evergreen and deciduous coastal hardy plants will give year round interest.

Not available? Choose your own mixed hedge!

It can be difficult to keep all of the species in stock that make up our mixed hedges, however, you can always make your own seaside hedge mix! We have put all the plants that we use ourselves to make up this hedge in one place, with directions, so that you can easily make up your own mixed hedge.

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This mix is made up with our selection of 4 to 5 of the following varieties:

Cotoneaster franchetii - Franchet's Cotoneaster
Ligustrum ovalifolium - Green Privet
Rosa rugosa - Dog rose
Fuchsia riccartonii - Red Fuchsia
Hydrangea macrophylla


Supplied at an average height of 1-2ft.


Tolerates coastal exposure and will grow in any reasonable free draining ground.


We recommend planting this hedge at 3 plants per meter, ideally planted in groups that repeat themselves along the hedge.


Trim the plants after planting to encourage bushy growth. A decent cut in the Spring followed by a tidy up in the Autumn will take care of this hedge.


Keeping any young hedge weed and grass free is vital to the overall vigour and health of the hedge. Using weed membrane keeps back weeds and insulates the roots and will greatly increase growth rates, as well as cutting down on your weeding work. Mulching is another great option for insulating the roots and holding back weeds, bark mulch is the most commonly used medium.


Suitable varieties in this hedge can change depending on availability. If you would like a specific species removed from the hedge mix, please let us know in the comments section at checkout.

These hedges are hand picked and take time to gather, if coming to the nursery, all mixed hedges must be preordered (using the code collect at checkout) at least two days in advance.

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