Prunus insititia - Bullace


The native species from which the cultivated damsons and bullaces derived, Prunus insititia is a small, sometimes spiny, deciduous tree which can also be planted as part of a fruiting hedge. The bullace tree is upright, rounded and spreading with glossy, dark green oval leaves. Small white flowers appear on the bare branches in early spring, followed by small, round, plum-like fruit in late summer or early autumn. These are smaller than damsons but larger than sloes, up to an inch across, usually purple with a bluish bloom (black bullace) but sometimes green and yellow (white bullace). They are edible but very astringent until fully ripe and after a frost, and best used for cooking and wines.

Site: Tolerates exposure
Soil: Any reasonably well drained soil, apart from chalk
Position: Full sun
Season of Interest: Spring, autumn
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Height: 8-13’ (2.5-4m) Spread: 8-13’ (2.5-4m) in 10-20 years

Type | Size: Bareroot | 1-2ft
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