Myriophyllum verticillatum - (Oxygenator)

Whorled Water Milfoil

A rather uncommon native water plant, thriving in still or very slow-moving water, Myriophyllum verticillatum is an oxygenator, vital for keeping ponds healthy and providing shelter for pond life. An aquatic perennial, it lives submerged beneath the water-line, although the lobed emergent leaves and insignificant flower spikes, appearing from June to September, show above it. The submerged leaves are green and thread-like, in whorls around the stem, giving a feathery effect as it floats in the water. Whorled water milfoil can be sunk into the pond as a weighted bunch, or planted in an aquatic basket. It does produce seeds, but also reproduces by ‘turions’, buds along the stems which detach and root into the gravel at the bottom of the pond.

Position: Full sun
Planting depth: 30-100cm
Growth rate: Fast
Flowering period: June to September
Hardiness: Hardy
Size: Height 39” (1m) Spread

Type | Size: Bunch
Details: With lead weight
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