Brandon Iron Feed with Irish Seaweed Extract

Brandon Iron Feed with Irish Seaweed Extract

Vermiculite added to the garden or vermiculite in potting soil increases water and nutrient retention and aerates the soil, resulting in healthier, more robust plants. Perlite may also be found in potting soils, but vermiculite is far superior for water retention. Vermiculite, although less aerating than perlite, is the amendment of choice for water-loving plants.

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Concentrated Iron feed with Irish seaweed extract.
Ideal for the following applications:
Lawns and amenity turf care - helps promote healthy grass and helps control moss growth.
Ericaceous plants - prevents and corrects iron deficiency in heathers, azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias, lupins, lilies, gentians and magnolias.
Orchard fruit - corrects lime induced chlorosis and iron deficiencies in all susceptible plants.
Type | Size: Bottle | 1L
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