Fruit - Unusual Edibles

Fruit - Unusual Edibles

We're always looking to add to our selection of exciting and unusual plants to grow and eat! Some of these plants you may have heard of, while others are rare and unusual for an Irish climate (make sure to do your homework on them before buying). All of them produce delicious, edible fruit and will have you coming back for more.

Bareroot unusual edibles | December to March

Some of our unusual edibles are sold in bareroot form from December to March. You can learn more about the differences between bareroot and potted plants and about planting a bareroot hedge in our advice section.

Potted unusual edibles | all year round

Potted unusual edibles are available at different times throughout the rest of the year, but the best selection, and the best time to plant, is in spring (April to June). Outside of these times our selection is more limited.

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